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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I come to serve you?

Fallen Angel just outside Milton Keynes and Oubliette in Bedfordshire.  Will session elsewhere if transport/accommodation costs are discussed and met.

What is your tribute?
£150 per hour.

Do you see couples?

Yes indeed I do. Tribute is £250 per hour for couples. Double the fun!

What are the pre-session requirements?

Make sure that you have eaten something light at least 1 hour before your session.  Adrenaline does not work well with an empty stomach.

Make sure that you are clean and are smelling divine and that you have douched/had an enema or been to the toilet and showered thoroughly.

Do you offer sexual services?
No I do not.  I will edge and massage the prostate using anal stimulation.  If this causes you to come, then so be it.  
What would I like for a gift?
Red or rose wine, tequila, cigars, perfume (absolute fav is Angel)
Any other questions, just ask.


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